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PLJ Band - Armageddon (@256kb)

In 1982 PLJ Band released "Armageddon", an album considered to be among the best ever produced in Greece. The lyrics were inspired by the Apocalypse of John, just as in the legendary "666" by Aphrodite's Child about 11 years earlier. Never the less the lyrics were found blasphemous and offensive to god and the christian orthodox church and the copies had to be destroyed.. No comments about that. Some of them survived though and right now the original copy is very rare. There's been a cd release and a vinyl reissue by Anazitisi Records though.

plj band

PLJ Band consisted of Laurentis Macheristas (lead vox, 12-string guitar & keyboards), Antonis Mijelos (lead & acoustic guitars), Pavlos Kikrilis (rhuthm & acoustic guitars), Jimmy Vasalakos (bass, backing vox) and Tolis Skamajouras (drums, percussion). They later reached commercial success under the name "Termites", when they began writing their lyrics in greek. The lead singer Laurentis Macheritsas started a solo career in 1989, after the band's breakup.

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The Animal Brother is watching you!!!
Watch the recordings of the new Super Furry Animals album
live at their website, the Big Brother style!


‘Ah! Greetings friends, join us for the next few weeks as we finish
up our new album for your ears. We have borrowed 4 video
cameras from friends and family and we will document events as
they unfold, hopefully with as little drama as possible.’

Τρίτη, 24 Φεβρουαρίου 2009

Moodymann - Det. Riot 1967 (2008 @ 320Kbps)


"...a soundtrack for the hustler and pimp of
the 21st century. Blaxplotation film samples
& audio from the 67' riots in Detroit mixed
over with deep KDJ beats..."

Download link:

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Alright, this is a top ten of the most exciting things i've discover the past year!
You should definitely check out these artists..
1. Wolf Eyes - www.myspace.com/therealwolfeyes
2. Samiyam - www.myspace.com/samiyambeats
3. The Time & Space Machine - www.myspace.com/thetimeandspacemachine
4. 10SHUN/Skrapez - www.myspace.com/10shun
5. Wooden Wand - www.myspace.com/woodenwand
6. Flying Lotus - www.myspace.com/flyinglotus
7. Tobacco - www.myspace.com/tobacco
8. Ras G - www.myspace.com/rasg
9. Kode 9 - www.myspace.com/kode9
10. Blank Blue - www.myspace.com/blankblue

"widen your musical horizons"

Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program - Ghetto Sci-Fi (2009 @ 256Kbps)


As far as i'm concerned, this is going to hit top places on my 2009 chart!
SpacedOut-Jazzy-Electronic-Cosmic-SunRa-Psychedelic Hip Hop by the most exciting representation of the new L.A. hip hop scene, RAS G!!
I'm just posting this album for the ones who don't know about Ras.
Please if you like the album just order it from Poo Bah Records or from Ras @ myspace.com/rasg
Nuff words.
Break it down, roll it up & enjoy:


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antapokrish apo atlantic city

free download for all. gia ta aftia sas mono

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This Is Skateboarding (Emerica 2003)

if you wanna keep this vid, go to keepvid.com and follow instructions..

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Ejekt 2009

Duffy's appearance in this years Ejekt fest is canceled..
Not that anyone cared that much. 
The people who organize the festival (and other upcoming gigs) released an announcement that was at least hard to understand, blaming people etc.


Update: The people of Ejekt fest will continue complaining and Duffy will finally still appear live in Greece, according to the rumor.. It's just that she will appear in another festival!! The Rockwave festival! Long live the greek mythology, with its clashes of titans!! I'll sit back, relax and enjoy the "fight"..

..whatever x 2!

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The Subways

The Subways will play live in Greece.
They will perform 2 shows. One in Athens, in Kyttaro club on 19.03 and one in Thessaloniki, in Principal theater the next day, 20.03.
Ticket prices have not been announced yet. I assume it's gonna be something like €30 or something.
I wouldn't say i'm a great fan or anything, but i'll think twice since they've got a fairly cute girl playing bass..

Δευτέρα, 9 Φεβρουαρίου 2009

All greek to mix

I took some time off "that novel i've been workin' on" and decided to prepare another mix, with -let's say- some kind of a "theme" this time.

It's a mix of songs by greek bands and artists that are currently active, for promotional reasons mainly.

I gathered almost everything i could get my hands on and put together a compilation of tunes that i fancy, up to this day.
The only connection between them is that they have been released, roughly, from mid '00s till now.
No particular music genres or styles.
There is stuff by other acts that's left out coz it couldn't fit in this compilation lengthwise or coz i yet don't have access to them.



63 High - Bad Words (from band's cd given out in shows)
BNC - Livin' a Lie (from "The Birth", Cast-a-Blast, 2008)
Semen of the Sun - Corner Bar Freaks (from "Radio Adult, Slow Songs, Cheese and Wine", The Lab, 2008)
Palov & Mishkin - Theme from "BackSlam" (from "Backslam Extravaganza", Cast-a-Blast, 2007)
Vodka Juniors - All We Need Is Some Gasoline (from "Dark Poetry", Cannonball, 2007)
The Earthbound - Broke FM (from "Brotherhood of The Dog", Sirius, 2004)
Down & Out - Fine Lookin' Woman Blues (from "First Single", Fuzz Overdose, 2008)
Lord 13 - Mescalito (from "Lord 13", Metal Breed / Burning Star, 2006)
Planet of Zeus - Something's Wrong (from "11 The Hard Way", Casket, 2008)
Cube - Oblique (from the compilation "In The Junkyard vol.3", Spinalonga, 2007)
The Teddy Boys From The Crypt - Pay The Price (from "Pay The Price", Fuzz Overdose, 2008)
Menta - Instrumenta (from "Instrumenta", Hxotron, 2007)
Sugah Galore - Demons (from "Spacecakes", Feedback Sound, 2009)
The Ottawa Bros - Spoonblender (from "Duck Soup", Cast-a-Blast, 2008)
Quasamodo - Funk Off (from "Funk Off / Cheeky Bastard", Timewarp Music, 2008)
Blend feat. Jeff "Rocklip" Gonzalez - Smoke (from "Misplaced", Cast-a-Blast, 2006)
Sugahspank! - The Incredible (from "The Incredile/The Invisible", Cast-a-Blast, 2008)

It sounds All Greek To Mix!!

You can find downloads and info on some of the bands and artists on the websites of Spinalonga Records and Cast-a-Blast Records
Other than that, u can click on the names of the artists and bands on the tracklisting to see their MySpace pages or go to scgoneam's linx field.

Hope u like it!


R.I.P. Lux Interior


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Chairlift - Does You Inspire You (@v0 vbr)

Swathed as it is in the kind of ’80s arrangements of flutes and chiming guitars that have rarely been allowed beyond Carol Decker’s lushest, most velveteen fantasies, this album is an open goal to accusations of trend-following revivalism. But, like Ladyhawke’s debut, the sheer quality of songwriting justifies any retrospective leanings they may have.

Does You Inspire You is an inspirited debut that proves Brooklyn is still the indie king.

Download Link

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Blog Sampler (2009 @ 320Kbps)


AdMad, Kazama and myself are proud to present our second mix!!
Hopefully many more will come..



01. ROGER - Heard It Through The Grapevine
02. GEORGE CLINTON - Get Dressed
03. SUGAH GALORE - Boom!
04. DAZ DILLINGER - In California
05. LA CLAVE - The Ghetto

Konsoul A.k.a Kazama
06. DUNKEN - Intro
07. FUJIYA & MIYAGI - Knickerbocker
08. GENERAL ELEKTRIKS - Tu M' Intrigues
10. SUCK - Sin's A Good Man's Brother

Spaced Cowboy
11. THE EYES - When The Night Falls
12. DEAD MOON - Unknown Passage
13. ONYX - Our House
14. TENDERFOOT KIDS - Intoxication
Everybody Get Out Of Bed
16. ARLEAN BROWN - You Gonna Miss Me Baby
17. RICHARD CAITON - You Look Like A Flower

Δευτέρα, 2 Φεβρουαρίου 2009

Omar Rodriguez Lopez

...will play live in Athens!!!

Omar Rodriguez Lopez is a former member of At the Drive-in and also a current member of Mars Volta (he's the one with the glasses!)

He will appear in An Club, on March 14th.
Tickets cost €20

Hell yeah!!!!

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After "Dogtown & Z-Boys" and "Riding Giants" (huge movies on my opinion), Z-boy Stacy Peralta is going away from themes such skateboarding and surfing and he's directing the documentary "Crips and Bloods: Made in America". It's a film about the two infamous L.A. gangs. 
Forest Whitaker is the narrator and NBA superstar Baron Davis is a member of the production team.
Dunno if the movie is going to be released in Greece (probably not), but is already out in theaters in the U.S.
Here are some linx for further info on the movie, the Crips, the Bloods and street gangs in general.


And since this blog is about the music, i might as well add that members of the two gangs got together, auditioned and finally released a record called "Banging On Wax", as Bloods & Crips, in 1993. The following year they released another record, "Banging On Wax 2... The Saga Continues".
The second one is not that good, so i'll only provide y'all with "Banging On Wax" (@ 192kbps).

It's just another average west coast gangsta rap record, with late '70s and '80s funk samples etc.. Only these guys first killed and then sang, not the other way round..
Funny useless info: I believe the label that released the records is called Quality (ha ha).